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We are building a dream platform for our tribe. Ownership is important and Afrohaus is made possible through the support of our community via monthly subscriptions. As a member of our subscriber community you will have exclusive access to our new weekly masterclass, Time Machine : A Million Years Into Black History  + more! 

Time Machine Masterclass

$20.00 per month
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Time Machine: A Million Years Into Black History. Our masterclass will take you on an interactive journey through a million years of history focusing on Africa and her descendants. Like the ancient storytellers, Historian Paul Joseph will present riveting stories of the first humanoid types, the rise and fall of ancient civilizations, migration throughout the African continent, and the birth of the African Diaspora in the Americas and Europe. We will create a safe environment for people of all ages and backgrounds to ask questions and deepen their knowledge of this story of humanity.

Your monthly Time Machine membership will guarantee you:
  • Access to a live stream of the masterclass each week (Sept - Feb)
  • Live Q&A with Historian Paul Joseph
  • Course Curriculum with custom graphics, maps and images
  • Full access to all class recordings (in case you miss the live stream or would like to re-watch)

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